OASIS - Support for new parents

If you are the friend or a health professional who knows someone who has a baby with Downs Syndrome, you might like to print out this page and the page "what is Downs Syndrome"

BADSS offers support and a confidential service for those who have had or who are expecting a baby with Downs Syndrome. We realise that if you are just learning about Downs Syndrome, that you will probably experience a wide range of emotions during the first few months. We also know that joining a support group may be the last thing on your mind.



This is perfectly normal, we have all been there. The parents in this group have all been through the experience of being told -"your baby has Downs Syndrome".......

...and all have learned to adjust to their new way of life.

We know that too much information can be overwhelming so we want you to know that we are here on your terms; when you need us. If you find making the initial contact difficult, why not ask your midwife or health visitor to contact us on your behalf? A fellow member involved with Oasis will then gladly contact you.

What Oasis can offer:-

You may find these words from local parents comforting.

"When Christopher was born, we were totally devastated - it was as if our whole world had collapsed. But this feeling does pass. Nine months on, he is the most sociable, adoring baby you can imagine. He is growing and developing well - I become more proud of my Christopher every day."
(Jane - Fishponds)

"At first the sadness was so overwhelming and the grief unbearable. We were sure our world had come to an end. Everything changed. Gradually the sorrow turned to joy and the grief to celebration. Carter is absolutely wonderful! Life will be more of a challenge but we couldn't imagine our world without him."
(Meg -Chipping Sodbury)

"I was stunned and thought it was the end of normal family life. Now I can't imagine Martin not being with us. As for our family life, it's still normal. Hectic - but normal."
(Pauline - St George)

"My first thoughts were for my other son. That I had given him a disabled brother. Now I know we have been blessed with a wonderful little boy. A little boy who's smile makes your heart turn over. William is the jewel in our family and we wouldn't change him for the world. And as for Tom? well William is just his brother."
(Claire - Eastville)

"We knew from the very early stage of pregnacy that one of our twin girls may have Downs Syndrome, so we had time to come to terms with the possibility. Isobel has the most wonderful smile that lights up the whole room, she has many friends at school and is developing well. I have never regretted not even for an instant our decision to continue with the pregnancy."

(Andrew - Old Sodbury)

You may like to look at these stories, written by parents, Welcome to Holland, I've always wanted to play golf, by Bristol member Richard Bickers, The Whole by Helen Guymer


If you would like to find out more about the Bristol Branch of the Downs Syndrome Association and the Oasis group, please call Andrew on 01454 315469 who will arrange for someone from the group to visit you depending on your needs and where you live, you certainly do not have to join the organisation but sometimes it's just good to know that there is someone there who understands.

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