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For each book purchased through this page, the Branch will automatically receive a 5 to 15% commission. If you are a member of the Bristol Branch of the Downs Syndrome Association and you want to buy a book, please contact us first to check if it's in the library. If not, we may well buy it for you!

Quick, update, we have received our first cheque from Amazon for £13:00 this month - thank you to everyone who ordered.

Top Books

Babies with Down Syndrome ~ Karen Stray-Gundersen(Editor) (Paperback - July 1995)
Our Price: 12.99 / Avg Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars


Down Syndrome ~ Mark Selikowitz (Paperback - 15 May, 1997)
Our Price: 7.99


Our Brother Has Down's Syndrome ~ Shelley Cairo, et al (Paperback - 7 August, 2000)
Our Price: 3.60


Living with Down's Syndrome ~ Jenny Bryan (Paperback - 15 June, 2000)
Our Price: 3.99


Fine Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome ~ Maryanne Bruni (Paperback - December 1998)
Our Price: 13.99



Where's Chimpy? ~ Berniece Rabe, Diane Schmidt (Illustrator). A children's book with beautiful photographs, about a little girl called Misty, who happens to have Down's Syndrome, who, more importantly has lost her toy monkey!
Our Price:


Makaton Nursery Rhymes VIDEO-- Dave Benson Phillips (Pres/Narr) (VHS Tape - Vision Video Ltd. - 2 July, 2001) A firm favorite.


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